Base Cleaning: Liquid Cleaners


Maplus recommendations: Before applying the ski or snowboard wax, the base must be prepared in line with the latest criteria. Top results cannot be guaranteed if the skis & snowboards have not been prepared and cleaned properly: these ski or snowboard waxes are based on the very latest developments in chemical research into sliding products.


If using perfluorinated wax (P4), the bases must first be cleaned using “Fluorclean” (a liquid detergent that removes all traces of fluorine) and then cleaned with ”Clean” (a liquid detergent that removes all traces of paraffin). If using paraffin waxes (Universal – Racing Base – P1) or fluorinated paraffin waxes (P2 – P3), clean with “Clean” only.

Always start cleaning the ski or snowboard from the tip, working towards the tail.

1. Spread the detergent evenly over the entire surface of the ski or snowboard using a paintbrush;
2. Wait 2-3 minutes for the detergent to work;
3. Manually brush the ski or snowboard using a soft brass brush to improve the action of the detergent;
4. Remove the dirt and wax residues with fiberlene wrapped around a Plexiglas scraper;
5. Dry the ski or snowboard with fiberlene.
If the ski or snowboard bases are exceptionally dirty, you may need to clean repeating the process with the “Clean” only.
Wait for the ski or snowboard to dry thoroughly (it should become whitish) before cleaning it again.