Avoiding Carbon using Ptex Candles


What is the best way to keep a p-tex candle from dripping carbon onto ski bases?.

Light the candle, then holding a steel scraper to the lit portion wait for all the carbon to drip onto the scraper prior to placing the candle along the base to fill in the gap.

Common sense with the candle will prevail. Holding the candle at a 45 degree angle and rotating the lit portion against the metal scraper works just fine to get rid of the carbon. This is applicable to clear material and is done more for aesthetic reasons. No difference between using a metal scraper or other handy surface (preferably metal) so you don’t set anything alight. Using p-tex is a ‘quick fix’. You will want to get a base welded or patched if there’s major damage.

Ptex candles contain wax some they can burn more readily after being lit. Welding material does not contain the wax and will create a more durable repair, though using Ptex candles with a soldering iron has proven to provide long lasting repairs.