Summer Storage Waxing after Pond Skimming


Now that you skimmed the pond due to proper waxing and technique (and hopefully not your good gear) 😉 , it’s usually a sign for most that it’s time to put your boards in storage. Following is a recent bulletin from Toko: TECH BULLETIN Source: Toko Brand Management Office, Heber City, UT info@TokoUS.com 866-TOKO-USA Here…

Toko (Red Creek) Rotating Brush Instructions


User Guide For Toko-Red Creek Rotating (Roto) Brushes Important: To protect the eyes we recommend the use of protective glasses whenever working with rotating brushes. Make sure no one is standing close to the drill without eye protection.   With the exception of the brass and horsehair brushes having a rotating speed of approx. 800…

Race Tuning Videos with Willi Wiltz Added to Toko Videos


5 New Race Tuning Videos Featuring Willi Wiltz Added 5 new race tuning videos featuring renowned ski and snowboard technician Willi Wiltz have been added to the TokoVideos.com.  Willi serviced Tommy Moe, Daron Rahlves, and Bode Miller to their medals and biggest successes.  Additionally, Willi has worked with snowboarders Nate Holland and Shaun Palmer with…