Boot Sole Center Gauge


The old adage “Measure Thrice, drill once” is applied to measuring, drilling and mounting bindings. A necessary part of the process is to double check ski mounting lines on both skis to verify accuracy. This step is typically overlooked when considering Boot Sole Centers. Manufacturing errors, wear and tear and other factors may create an…

Binding Freedom & Quiver Killer Stainless Steel Threaded Insert Installation


For all intents and purposes, regarding materials, tools, screws and installation procedures, Binding Freedom & Quiver Killer stainless steel threaded inserts are virtually interchangeable. (Click on the adjacent images to enlarge.) The main difference between the two is that the Binding Freedom inserts have a notch across the top. This allows for the use of a slotted driver…

Drilling Skis to Mount Bindings

Drilling ski with stepped alpine drill bit

Drilling your precious skis to mount your bindings is very straight forward and similar to drilling a multitude of materials like woods, plastics and composites. Take your time, measure thrice and drill once. You’ll soon learn how easy and undaunted you will become. If you haven’t done so, please also check out the following topics before…