Pre-Season Ski & Snowboard News, SkiVisions changes & Client Accounts and Rewards

Yesterday’s colors are tomorrow’s turns

The most noteworthy recent additions, changes and news include:

Get ’em Ready: With the forthcoming season fast approaching it’s never a bad idea dusting off your boards and getting them ready for the snow. It’s better to have your skis and snowboards ready and waiting on snow than to have the snow waiting for you to frantically get your boards ‘ready’ for the fluff. Check out our Tips Blog on Ski & Snowboard Base & Edge Repair and Preparation. We’ve also added a few helpful posts on Binding and Insert installation. There are great deals on waxes and Pro Fix Base Repair irons currently running.

Kits & Combos: One of the nice options we have with our various products is the ability to cherry pick tools and supplies to create useful, Edge Tuning, Waxing, Base Repair and Binding/Insert Installation kits. We intend to keep adding more Kits & Combos as time allows. Any kit and combination/package suggestions you may have are welcome.

SkiVisions tool changes and new instructions and videos: Mark Sewell, the inventor and manufacturer of SkiVisions Base Flattener, Structuring and SkiSharp tools has been extremely busy. He simplified the base flattening, structuring and edge tuning processes by redesigning the stones and files. The Ski Sharp array of stones have been reduced to a two stone process. The file has been improved. The file for the Base File Flattener is improved and more aggressive for edge high flattening with a sweet finish. The tried and true SkiVisions Base Flattener and Structuring tool is now down to a Medium and Coarse stone along with the HSS steel bar.

On top of all of the tooling improvements, the instructions have been revised and he has produced over 80 minutes of helpful videos to get the most out of your SkiVisions tools. We have a little more work to get all of them incorporated into our site, so please keep an eye out for them.

Client Rewards: Just a quick reminder that to accrue and redeem your 3% Client Rewards points, you need to login to your account before checkout. You may have redeemable points ‘in the bank’ and you will need to login to double check and utilize them. You can also use your login to check on order status along with past orders.

Client Accounts Emails: In the notification department, we thought it would be worthwhile to add clients not signed up for our newsletter to this mailing to provide the above reminder and to notify that we will be purging older, inactive accounts periodically. We will remove added clients from future mailings and if you would like to receive future newsletters, discounts and promotions, you will need to login to your account and select (and confirm)’Allow Promotional Emails’ under manage account.

Here is our list of Sale and Clearance Items ranging from 10 to 60% off! . Free shipping in the US for orders over $100.

Please let us know if there you have questions or know of products that could be a good fit to our store, so we can offer you and others more options!

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