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Tools4Boards Razor 3 in 1 Edge Tuner Tool Instructions


The Tools4Boards Razor 3 in 1 tool for base and side edge beveling, de-burring, sharpening, polishing and and sidewall cutting. Made of durable Lexan polycarbonate plastic. 0-6 degree side-edge, 0-3 degree base-edge angle options. Along with the include 5mm thick file, it accepts up to 5mm thick stones and other files including your favorite long…

Tools4Boards Tuning Kit Instructions


TOOLS4BOARDS TUNING STATION KIT (SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS) Waxing Skis and Snowboards • Innovative • Simple • Inexpensive • Fast SAFETY • Always wax in a well ventilated area. • Never leave wax iron on unattended. • Use ski and snowboard vises. • Pay attention. Sharpened edges can be harmful. Skis and Snowboards perform at their…

Tools4Boards XACT 3 in 1 Tool Instructions


  Xact All-in-one sharpens and bevels side edge, base edge and trims excess side wall. Simply turn knob to clamp file, or pull and turn knob to adjust bevel angle. Patented adjustment feature provides simple and accurate bevel angles. Ceramic rollers minimize friction and allow filings to fall away from base. Infinite bevel angle adjustment…