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T4B Razor or Xact Multi-Angle Tool?


Multi-angled edge guides offer an economical and versatile solution for accurate edge work as well as other uses. Both the Tools4Boards Xact & the Razor are made from very durable polycarbonate (Lexan), include a small file, offer accurate side and base angle work, bevel angle measuring, sidewall cutting & wax scraper sharpening. If later, you find that you’d prefer a dedicated guide or two for side or base work, your multi-angled tool still can be used as an additional guide or for it’s secondary functions.

The Razor uses (replaceable) pegs with graduated lengths to provide 1° increments for side edges from 0° to 6° (90° to 84°/90° to 96°) & 1/2° increments for base bevels from 0° to 3°. It will accept virtually any length stone, diamond or file up to 6mm thick in it’s two integrated clamps. One clamp screw is swapped between the side and base edge clamps as needed. The pegs can leave a slight mark along the base if the tuner bears down too hard. These can be easily remove with a fiber pad and do not damage the base. Here are PDF instructions for the Razor.

The Xact uses an asymmetrical ceramic knob with a roller to dial virtually any angle between 0° to 6° (90° to 84°/90° to 96°) & for base bevels from 0° to 12°. Additionally, the side edge clamp can accept virtually any cutting tool while the base clamp and set screw only accepts the small file included. Since the base bevel needs little maintenance after it’s establishment, this is a minor issue for many. Here are the PDF instructions for the Xact.

For sidewall cutting either guides can be loaded with a panzer or coarse file and set from 5 ° to 6°.

For scraper sharpening, the side edge is set to 0°/90° for the Xact and no pegs for the Razor, coupled with a coarse or panzer file. Hold the tool in one hand or a bench vise and run the plexi-scraper across the file and against the side of the guide.

For measuring angles, mark the edge with a marker and run the guide over the edge with a fine stone or diamond. If the removal is even there is a match to the angle set. If there is removal on one side or the other, adjust the angle until there is even removal.


Edge Tuning-So Easy even an Adult Can Do It


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