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Skivisions Hard Chrome Replacement Files

Skivisions Hard Chrome Replacement Files

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Note: due to a problem betond our control, Ski Visions tools are delayed indefinitely. At this time we can only guess they are at least two weeks away, possibly more. You are welcome to order via out back order system to get in the queue. We will provide updates as we can and will refund orders in the event they cannot be fulfilled.




Hard Chrome Laser Cut Files. Replacess the Ski Sharp hard chrome laser cut files that comes with the SkiSharp. Each one is marked with a black dot so that you can uniformly insert them in the tool and easily see the direction the tool needs to be used.  You can see the dots in the picture if you look carefully.

If you look carefully at the files in the picture you will see dots of black markings at the leading edge of  each file.  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION.  Those dots need to be facing the same direction and the tool needs to be also used in that direction for the files to cut edge metal.

It is important that you use the files in the correct direction only and that you do not pressure the tool on backstrokes when using over-lapping strokes; pressuring a file against its cutting teeth (facing the wrong direction) wears it out quickly.

Brush the metal filings out of the file teeth frequently. If they are loaded up they won't cut.

When using the files, an important technique is not fully insert the file in the side edge pocket, but rather, to drop it down so that more of the file teeth are used. (See Maximizing the Life of the Inserts below)

Hard chrome laser cut files like ours last a very long time, leave excellent finish on edge metal, and leave the tip of the edge silky smooth.  If you primarily tune with stones as we recommend, when you use the chrome files you will notice that it doesn't even feel like you are cutting metal until you turn the tool over and look at the magnet where a significant amount of metal has collected.  Also, the metal you observe will be powder-like, meaning the cutting action is smooth and very fine, and edge finish benefit is noticeable.  However, stones still are the preferred tuning medium. Files primarily are for cutting in bevels and for sharpening skis that have gotten too dull for the conditions.

Product ID SKVfiles
Price: $14.49
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Files work great and are resharpenable

- 04th July 2020

I\'m drinking the SkiVisions Kool-Aid and it tastes pretty good to me. With that in mind, the files work well for me, but I like to keep 2 pairs on hand so I don\'t have to resharpen as often. I find that they cut better in one direction than the other ...

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