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Skivisions 4" (100mm) Stone Set

Skivisions 4" (100mm) Stone Set

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SkiViisons SkiSharp stones now available in 4" (100mm) sizes for use in other edge guides. Measuring 4" x 1" x 7/32" (100 x 26 x 6mm), these excellent stones are a great option for your everyday edge tuning needs,




Green Stones.  The green stones are aggressive silicon carbide stones that love to eat hard metal.  THEY ARE NOT POLISHING STONES.  They have very specific purposes.

NEW SKIS.  See the index regarding tuning new skis. These stones are for working edges that have been hardened at the ski factory from misuse of the tuning equipment.
HARD SNOW. When you want your edges sharper than you are getting with the 180 grit ruby stones but you don't want to go to the extra steps involved with going to the files and subsequent polishing routines.  The finish we like for hard snow is sharpen with the green stones, polish with the ceramic stones, and that is it, this combination works great!




Polishing Stones.  The purpose of polishing stones is to allow you to progressively polish your edges to finer finishes.  Polishing metal is done in progressive steps to maximize the results, hence progressive grits.  The following are the polishing stones, their grits and purposes:

CERAMIC STONES.  New this year (2010) are the SkiVisions ceramic stones.  We designed them to polish and de-burr like no other stone available to ski tuners.  They are truly unique in their function.  And like all of our stones, they can be re-dressed over and over again.  If you are only going to buy one polishing stone, make sure it is the ceramic.




Order individually or as a set. Be sure to keep them in top form for years of use with the SkiVisions Diamond File.


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