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While sharpening and polishing side edges and in order to cut the metal side edge only, the sidewall material needs to be planed or back-filed. Otherwise the cutting tool will get clogged with the sidewall material and reduce the efficiency and possibly the accuracy of the desired bevel. A sidewall planer, cutter or an edge guide (dedicated or multi-angle) with a steep angle and panzer or coarse file can used to clear the edge and provide a smooth side.
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Skivisions Steel Blade

Price: $33.49
43.87 CAD 29.84 EUR 47.09 AUD
SkiMan Sidewall Sharp
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List Price: $55.00

You save $6.00
Price: $49.00
64.18 CAD 43.65 EUR 68.89 AUD
SkiMan Spare Blade Standard (Square)

Price: $24.99
32.73 CAD 22.26 EUR 35.14 AUD
SkiMan Spare Blade Round (Circular)

Price: $24.99
32.73 CAD 22.26 EUR 35.14 AUD
Briko-Maplus-Roto Razor sidewall cutter - Aluminum Body
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List Price: $79.99

You save $10.00
Price: $69.99
91.67 CAD 62.35 EUR 98.41 AUD
SVST World Cup Side Wall Plane

List Price: $195.00

You save $20.00
Price: $175.00
229.22 CAD 155.91 EUR 246.05 AUD
SVST Multi Radius Sidewall Plane Bit 5/8In.

Price: $29.90
39.16 CAD 26.64 EUR 42.04 AUD

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