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Establish and maintain ski and snowboard edge geometry with dedicated edge guides. They provide easy and quick edge cutting, sharpening and polishing control while making it easier to select the proper guide for the desired edge bevel angles. Multiple guides with the same dedicated angle reduces time swapping out files and diamonds while maintaining precision.

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Product ID: 200250
Montana Sport-Monty Edger Electric Ski & Snowboard Side Edge Kit
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This mobile manual machine produces a perfect finish of the side edges. It is the ideal tool for shops or teams which wish to round up the race service with a special feature. The machine fascinates with easy handling and adjustability of differe...
List Price: $3600.00
Price: $2749.00
3,092.63 CAD 2,215.14 EUR 3,186.92 AUD
Product ID: SVTFC
SVST The Final Cut Base Edge Beveling Tool
The Tool that Changed the Way Skis are Tuned Accuracy is the key to performance. Precision bevels in .5, .7, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 degrees. With this tool the file stops cutting when the bevel is achieved, therefore beveling the base edge, and not the s...
Base Edge: Silver-0.5 degrees
Green-0.7 degrees
Blue-1.0 degrees
Red-1.5 degrees
Purple-2.0 degrees
Price: $75.00
84.38 CAD 60.44 EUR 86.95 AUD
Product ID: TK4120003901860
Toko Side Edge File Guide 86
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $48.00
Price: $43.20
48.60 CAD 34.81 EUR 50.08 AUD
Product ID: TK4120003901870
Toko Side Edge File Guide 87
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $48.00
Price: $43.20
48.60 CAD 34.81 EUR 50.08 AUD
Product ID: SMBEFG
Skiman Base Edge Bevel Tool
Aluminum body. Fits all lengths files and stones to a maximum 26mm wide and 6mm thick. Excellent tool for acurate base beveling. Available in 0.5, and 1 degree base bevels.
Base Edge: 0.5°
List Price: $42.95
Price: $37.99
42.74 CAD 30.61 EUR 44.04 AUD
Product ID: SVPEBS
SVST Pro Edge Side Beveler Stainless Steel Wear Plate
The ultimate precision file guide. Machined to exact degrees, each file guide goes through a strict quality control process to insure degree accuracy. Hard anodized aluminum body with a 35/1000 stainless plate attached to it's base. Available for 0 d...
Side Edge: 0/90 (SVST 90)
1/89 (SVST 91)
2/88 (SVST 92)
3/87 (SVST 93)
4/86 (SVST 94)
5/85 (SVST 95)
6/84 (SVST 96)
List Price: $36.00
Price: $34.49
38.80 CAD 27.79 EUR 39.98 AUD
Product ID: K15-C
KUU Beveling Guide w/ Stainless Steel Plate & Clamp
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Beveling Guides 0/90º thru 4/96° with clamp - for Side Edge. There are different colors for different angles.
Side Edge: 0/90-Gold
List Price: $45.20
Price: $32.49
36.55 CAD 26.18 EUR 37.67 AUD
Product ID: K154C
KUU Beveling Guide w/Clamp 4/86 Deg
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Beveling Guide 4/86° with clamp - for Side Edge
List Price: $45.20
Price: $32.49
36.55 CAD 26.18 EUR 37.67 AUD
Product ID: SVPEB
SVST Standard Pro Edge Side Beveler
SVST Standard Pro-Edge Beveler Machined to the same exact standards as the other more expensive Pro Edge Bevelers. This is the tool of choice for the occasional hand tuner that does not put the rigorous demands on their equipment. Hard anodized 10...
Side Edge: 0°/90° (SVST 90°)
1°/89° (SVST 91°)
2°/88° (SVST 92°)
3°/87° (SVST 93°)
Price: $26.95
30.32 CAD 21.72 EUR 31.24 AUD
Product ID: K17
KUU Aluminum Guides
New Aluminum Beveling Guides - for Side Edge
Price: $22.95
25.82 CAD 18.49 EUR 26.61 AUD
Product ID: 5560018
Toko Side Edge Angle Pro 86 Degree
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Negative side-edge angle for professional edge tuning. The Teflon-coated tool used by alpine World Cup pros.
List Price: $38.00
Price: $21.99
24.74 CAD 17.72 EUR 25.49 AUD
Product ID: SVPEBA
SVST Pro Edge Beveler Adapter Shims
SVST Pro Edge Beveler Adaptors Machined aluminum, 1, 2, and 3 degree shims perfectly fit all SVST Pro Edge Bevelers. Allow you to add corresponding degree of bevel to existing angle of any standard Pro Edge Bevelers while maintaining complete accurac...
Beveler Adapter: 1° Adapter Shim
2° Adapter Shim
3° Adapter Shim
Price: $17.00
19.13 CAD 13.70 EUR 19.71 AUD
Product ID: MDT87
Moonflex Diaface Mini Diamond File Side Edge Tuner-87∞
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
A great mobile pocket tuner for quick side edge touch ups on the hill or more thorough tuning while traveling. Fits the 70mm/mini Moonflex diamonds to always maintain a smooth, sharp edge.
Price: $14.95
16.82 CAD 12.05 EUR 17.33 AUD
Product ID: SVPEBC
SVST Pro Edge Beveler Clamp
The SVST Pro Edge Beveler Clamp, machined from 6061 aluminum bar stock. This clamp attaches to all Pro Edge Bevelers with a threaded thumb screw. This Design holds both files and stones securely.
Price: $14.00
15.75 CAD 11.28 EUR 16.23 AUD
Product ID: 5549823
Toko Side Edge Angle Pro Clamp
For fitting files to the edge tuning tools Edge Angle Pro and Precision Base File Control. With a stiffer spring and no rubber coating, this spring clamp provides a more rigid support for files and diamonds than conventional spring clamps.
List Price: $11.00
Price: $9.95
11.19 CAD 8.02 EUR 11.54 AUD
SVST-The Final Cut Block
A simple and accurate enhancement to the infamous The Final Cut base beveling tool. The nicely finished and durable oak block with EVA pad allows you to keep proper downward pressure on the file. Also a good way of protecting your base beve...
Price: $9.00
10.13 CAD 7.25 EUR 10.43 AUD
SVST The Final Cut Base Edge Beveling Tool Delrin Replacement Feet-Pr.
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Even though the TFC's are solid, lifetime tools, they occasionally need new shoes. These replacement Delrin pairs will give your TFC new long wearing treads. Use T15 torx to replace.
List Price: $9.90
Price: $8.99
10.11 CAD 7.24 EUR 10.42 AUD
Product ID: SVCSC10
Side Edge Bevel Guide Spring Clamp
1" Spring loaded alligator clamping mechanism used for clamping files, stones and diamonds to the dedicated side edge file guides. A more efficient set-up for tuners who are utilizing a diamond-file-stone progressive approach to their edge tunin...
Price: $4.00
4.50 CAD 3.22 EUR 4.64 AUD
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