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Whether you lost a screw, adding shims, have a tear out or want to swap bindings between multiple skis, we have any array of options to help you do it yourself.

Please note it is impossible for us be on top of every screw head type, length, shims, cants, rail system, and nuances for every binding and situation. Generally, we cannot afford the time required to field numerous questions related to binding screws. So please try to resolve screw issues prior to calling or emailing.

Visit our Tips and Support Weblog for more insights on mounting, binding and screw questions.

The Binding Freedom machine screw chart is a reference that may help you compare lengths and head types.

Here are some tips to help you answer your own questions:
  • Screws are relatively cheap and can be modified to some degree. Order additional lengths and types if in doubt.
  • Flathead Screws are measured from tip to top. Pan heads, buttons and sockets are measured from tip to bottom of the head.
  • The screws shown on this page are what we have in stock and can acquire for your convenience.
  • Older skis probably used longer screws as the skis were thicker and newer skis typically require shorter screws.
  • The thread pitch is unique to binding screws and optimized for skis and snowboards. A typical hardware store machine screw is NOT a recommended alternative.
  • Tapping metal top sheets or mounting plates is highly recommended. Some also recommend tapping non-metal top sheets.
  • Glue can fill in a deeper hole than screw length.
  • Minimum screw depth is 6mm/4 thread bite into ski
  • The alpine screw heads are 10mm and can be ground to a smaller diameter If you need longer screws, stainless steel inserts for M5 x .8mm pitch machine screws are an excellent option

Alternatives and procedures for measuring (calipers are best):

  • Measure existing screw if available
  • Measure existing hole diameters
  • Place screws in bindings to help determine binding thickness and screw projection
  • Measure hole depths (calipers have depth gauges)
  • Is the screw a flathead, tapered or have a shoulder (panhead)?

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SVST Heli-Coil Alpine Ski Insert Kit
Heli-Coil Kit Alpine Kit includes the tools necessary to install inserts in all alpine skis. Kit includes Heli-Coil inserts, ski heli-coil tap, step drill, small tap handle and installation tool. Order heli-coil tap handle separately.
List Price: $139.90
Price: $109.89
135.98 CAD 100.57 EUR 141.01 AUD
SVST Alpine Binding Screw Kit (200 Pcs)
200 piece SVST Alpine Binding Screw Kit. A selection of nine of the most popular sizes and lengths. Screws are measured from tip to top. Includes 20 screws of each size plus 20 nylon tap-in inserts.
Price: $55.99
69.28 CAD 51.24 EUR 71.85 AUD
Product ID: SWSSIIK2
5mm Stainless Steel Threaded Insert Installation Kit2
5mm Stainless Steel Threaded Insert installation Kit includes limited tools and supplies necessary to install Quiver Killer or Binding Freedom inserts in skis and snowboards. Please see available screw options.
List Price: $43.24
Price: $33.49
41.44 CAD 30.65 EUR 42.97 AUD
Product ID: SVBTII
Brass Tap Inserts-10 pack
A quick and efficient way of repairing stripped mounting holes - an effective alternative to the Heli-Coil insert. Just drill 8mm/5/16" hole and tap in the insert be sure to use Soft Blow Hammer to prevent mushrooming of the insert. Available in...
Price: $14.99
18.55 CAD 13.72 EUR 19.24 AUD
Product ID: K70PH
KUU Pan Head Alpine Binding Screws, 5.5 x 12, 14 & 18 mm (20 pack) - use PDZ#2 bits
Panhead screws for alpine bindings.
Pan Head Screw Size: 5.5 x 12mm Pan Head
5.5 x 14mm Pan Head
5.5 x 18mm Pan Head
Price: $9.89
12.24 CAD 9.05 EUR 12.69 AUD
Product ID: SVABS-20pk
SVST Alpine Binding Screws-20Pk
Nine of the most popular alpine screw sizes and lengths and nylon tap-in inserts. Screws are measured from tip to top. Price per 20 pack.
Binding Screws-20pk: 5.5 x 9.5mm Flathead
5.5 x 11.5mm Flathead
5.5 x 13mm Flathead
5.5 x 15mm Flathead
5.5 x 16mm Flathead
5.5 x 18mm Flathead
6.2 x 17.5mm Flathead
5.5 x 21.5mm Flathead
5.5 x 28mm Panhead
Nylon Tap-In Inserts
Price: $9.89
12.24 CAD 9.05 EUR 12.69 AUD
Product ID: SVHC1100
Heli-Coil Alpine Ski Inserts-10 Pk
Fix screw tear-outs w/heli-coil inserts. Price per 10 pk.
Price: $9.79
12.11 CAD 8.96 EUR 12.56 AUD
Product ID: KW024-183
Hardwood Hole Plugs-20pk
For special needs when you have to drill back into the same hole, or right beside the hole from which you removed a screw. These tapered hardwood plugs are made to our specifications and will prove to be a valuable asset to your shop. Price per 20 pk...
Price: $7.69
9.52 CAD 7.04 EUR 9.87 AUD
Binding Freedom SS Pozi Lowhead & Smallhead M5 Screws-10 packs
Previous1 of 2Next
Stainless Steel M5 machine screws for Binding Freedom & Quiver Killer inserts. 10 packs.
Price: $6.50
8.04 CAD 5.95 EUR 8.34 AUD
Product ID: VTVC3TM
Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate Threadlocker
Previous1 of 3Next
Don't be caught out with your screws loose. Vibra-Tite VC-3 is excellent for stainless steel threaded inserts and screws, alpine screws and brass tap-ins & snowboard inserts. Won't harm plastic binding parts and is capable of multiple uses withou...
Price: $5.95
7.36 CAD 5.45 EUR 7.64 AUD
Product ID: NT11-10pk
Nylon Tap-In Inserts-10Pk
A quick and efficient way of repairing stripped mounting holes - an effective alternative to the Heli-Coil insert. Drill 8mm/5/16" hole and tap in the insert and seal.
Price: $5.89
7.29 CAD 5.39 EUR 7.56 AUD
Product ID: SVPBHP
Plastic Binding Hole Plugs 100Pk
Either order individual plastic binding hole plugs by color or mixed in 100 pack to best match your board's graphics.
Plug Color: Mixed-100 pk
White-100 pk
Black-100 pk
Gray-100 pk
Yellow-100 pk
Red-100 pk
Blue-100 pk
Turquoise-100 pk
Translucent-100 pk
Pink-100 pk
Mixed-1,000 pk
Price: $4.49
5.56 CAD 4.11 EUR 5.76 AUD
Product ID: BF
Binding Freedom Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts
Previous1 of 2Next
Stainless Steel threaded inserts for installation in skis.  Installs permanently in all alpine skis so that bindings can be removed and replaced hundreds of times.  Special design allows full threads 6mm deep while sealing the ski from...
SS Inserts Packs: Binding Freedom-20 pack
Binding Freedom-50 pack
Price: $1.89
2.34 CAD 1.73 EUR 2.43 AUD
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Binding Freedom Low & Small head Pozi screws


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