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SVST Heli-Coil Alpine Ski Insert Kit
Heli-Coil Kit Alpine Kit includes the tools necessary to install inserts in all alpine skis. Kit includes Heli-Coil inserts, ski tap, small tap handle, step drill, and installation tool.
List Price: $139.90
Price: $109.89
122.77 CAD 87.23 EUR 124.84 AUD
Product ID: TL7078
VAR-CL-09800-02/08-Hex Ball-End L-Wrench Set (7)
Set of 7 hex ball-end wrenches - shop quality wrenches of 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 and 8mm - magnetic tips for keeping track of hex screws - comfortable dual density molded handle - hardened industrial quality chrome vanadium steel
List Price: $70.99
Price: $62.26
69.56 CAD 49.42 EUR 70.73 AUD
Product ID: SVDH49
SVST Drill Bit Holder with 4.1mm Drill Bit
Precisely machined ski drill holder with 6mm to 14mm adjustment for 4.1mm dia drill. Holder cuts excess material around binding hole for a nice top sheet finish. Hex wrench included.
Price: $34.99
39.09 CAD 27.78 EUR 39.75 AUD
Product ID: SVTAP
Ski or Snowboard Tap & T-Handle Wrench
These taps are made in the USA to SVST's rigid specifications. They work great and last a long time. They are made from the finest steel for extra long life. Taps fit in 5/32" to 1/4" T-Handle holders. Select 'Alpine' to fit the stand...
Tap & T-Handle Wrench-Screw: Alpine Tap & Wrench
Snowboard Tap & Wrench
Alpine Tap only
Snowboard Tap 6mm x 1mm 4 Flute
T-Handle Wrench-Small
List Price: $36.79
Price: $28.99
32.39 CAD 23.01 EUR 32.93 AUD
Product ID: ADD066-BR1-TEC
Ski Mender Mouse Plane
Expedite flush removal of base repair and top sheet material. Sharp enough for wood planing and other fine planing tasks. High quality blade 50mm (2") wide carbon steel blade which can be reground.
List Price: $24.99
Price: $22.99
25.68 CAD 18.25 EUR 26.12 AUD
Product ID: SVHCIT
SVST Heli-Coil Installation Tool
This is another must have tool for any remount, once the hole is drilled use this to screw in the insert.
Price: $22.95
25.64 CAD 18.22 EUR 26.07 AUD
Stainless Steel Insert or Heli-Coil Tap & T-Handle Wrench
Ski and Snowboard inserts and heli-coils require larger holes, taps & handles than alpine and snowboard screws. Quiver Killer & Binding Freedom stainless steel threaded inserts, alpine heli-coils and snowboard heli-coils each require a ...
Tap & T-Handle Holder-Inserts: SS Insert Tap & T-Handle
SS Insert Tap Only
Alpine Ski Heli-Coil Insert Tap & T-Handle
Alpine Ski Heli-Coil Insert Tap Only
Snowboard Heli-Coil Insert Tap & Handle
Snowboard Heli-Coil Insert Tap & Handle Alpine Heli-Coil Insert Tap Only
Heli-Coil/Insert Tap Handle Only
List Price: $19.99
Price: $17.89
19.99 CAD 14.20 EUR 20.32 AUD
Product ID: SVSD
Alpine Binding Mounting Drill Bits
Durable and long lasting, conventional and long shank, Shop quality 5/16" stepped alpine ski drills are available in the following sizes. All fit 5/16 SVST Mounting Jig and Big Gator drill guides.
Drill Bit Tip Size: 3.5mm x 7.5mm
3.5mm x 9.5mm
3.5mm X 9.5mm-Long Shank
3.5mm x 14mm Nordic
4.1mm x 7.5mm
4.1mm x 9.5mm
4.1mm X 9.5mm-Long Shank
1/4" (6.4mm) x 9mm SS Insert or Heli-Coil
List Price: $19.89
Price: $16.99
18.98 CAD 13.49 EUR 19.30 AUD
Product ID: SVAPCP
SVST Alpine Center Punch
Alpine Center Punch Machined to fit perfectly in all Alpine mounting Jigs.
Price: $14.95
16.70 CAD 11.87 EUR 16.98 AUD
Product ID: SDC005-BR1-TEC
Ski Mender Mouse Plane Replacement Blade
NEW! Replacement blade for Mouse Flush Plane. The Mouseplane is a most useful tool for ski & snowboard base repair DIYers, carpenters, builders, kitchen fitters and cabinetmakers. It has the comfort and ease-of-use of a plane, combined with t...
List Price: $14.99
Price: $14.49
16.19 CAD 11.50 EUR 16.46 AUD
Product ID: SVHHCS
Hand Held Countersink
Hand Held Countersink A quick and easy way to chamfer mounting screw holes. This technique will prevent the topsheet from lifting up during screw installation. 3 Different Sizes.
Price: $13.95
15.58 CAD 11.07 EUR 15.85 AUD
Product ID: 5544440
Toko Pocket Driver
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Practical all-round screwdriver for the trouble-free fitting of bindings. Ideal for the snowboarder. Contains Phillips #2, #3, pozi drive #3, flat #6, hexagonal #4 and a 10 mm/11 mm key.
List Price: $12.50
Price: $11.75
13.13 CAD 9.33 EUR 13.35 AUD
Product ID: STW-A
Straight Tap Wrench-1/16" - 1/4"
For better accuracy, more force and quicker tapping and installations, a straight handle is a nice tool to have available. 7" long for  1/16" - 1/4"/#0-14/1-5mm taps and bits.
Price: $10.89
12.17 CAD 8.64 EUR 12.37 AUD
Product ID: KW141-003
Kwik 4" Scratch Awl
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
High quality awl, set into comfortable wood handle provides maximum control and durability. Blade runs through handle and is attached to steel ferrule and cap.
List Price: $11.89
Price: $9.99
11.16 CAD 7.93 EUR 11.35 AUD
Product ID: T4BSMS2025
Tools4Boards Vise Replacement Clamp-Cinch, Cordloc & Pro 500
Discounts Apply !
40% Off Sale Item!
An extra or replacement base clamp for T4B Cinch, CordLoc, Retractor, Pro 500 and BoardLoc vises. Also useful as a c-clamp for base and edge repairs, jig/guide holding and many other uses.
List Price: $10.84
Price: $9.95
11.12 CAD 7.90 EUR 11.30 AUD
Product ID: SWSSIT
Threaded 5mm SS Insert Installation Screw and 3mm Hex Driver Bit
Install your Threaded Stainless Steel Inserts with this  Shoulder screw and 3mm hex driver. Use the driver to install and remove 3mm socket binding screws the 3mm hex bit driver bit. The hex nut can be used as a jam nut to help with tool remov...
List Price: $10.29
Price: $9.49
10.60 CAD 7.53 EUR 10.78 AUD
Product ID: K532W
KUU-Magnetic Screw Driver-with Bits and Holder
Previous1 of 2Next
Large easy grip handle with magnetic 1/4" hex bit holder. The removeable bit holder can also rest around the shaft for storage or tranport. (7) bits included: (3) Philips, (1) Slot & (3) Square.
List Price: $9.20
Price: $8.28
9.25 CAD 6.57 EUR 9.41 AUD
Product ID: HX250
Quick Change HSS Hex Bit-1/4"
Add the convenience of a quick change drill bit. Excellent for stainless steel inserts. Quick swaps when alternating between hex driver bits and drill jobs. Use with drill stop/collar.
Price: $7.95
8.88 CAD 6.31 EUR 9.03 AUD
Product ID: KW024-183
Hardwood Hole Plugs-20pk
For special needs when you have to drill back into the same hole, or right beside the hole from which you removed a screw. These tapered hardwood plugs are made to our specifications and will prove to be a valuable asset to your shop. Price per 20 pk...
Price: $7.69
8.59 CAD 6.10 EUR 8.74 AUD
Product ID: PH-T20
ParkTool-PH-T20 P-Handled Star Shaped Wrench:  20mm
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Our comfortable P-handle with a star-shaped T20. Made from through-hardened, high torque industrial steel for long life and sized for a precision fit.
List Price: $8.29
Price: $7.49
8.37 CAD 5.95 EUR 8.51 AUD

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