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In order to protect and secure skis and snowboards to perform base repair, waxing and edge tuning tasks, a solid base and vises or supports are your best bet. You'll appreciate the ease and shorter time required to achieve desired results. By setting up a convenient support system, you will be more inclined to take better care of your skis and snowboards more easily. Check out or tips on setting up your 'shop' or tuning space.

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Tools4Boards Loop Lasso Clamp
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List Price: $31.49

You save $3.59
Price: $27.90
35.11 CAD 24.12 EUR 36.91 AUD
Tools4Boards Lasso Ski & Snowboard Vise
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Price: $139.00
174.92 CAD 120.15 EUR 183.87 AUD
Tools4Boards Lasso Vise Base Plates and Hardware
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Price: $35.00
44.04 CAD 30.25 EUR 46.30 AUD
Tools4Boards Vise Knobs and 5/16" T-Bolts-Pair
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Price: $10.89
13.70 CAD 9.41 EUR 14.41 AUD
Tools4Boards Vise Replacement Clamp-Cinch, Cordloc & Pro 500
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!

Price: $18.95
23.85 CAD 16.38 EUR 25.07 AUD
Tools4Boards Fix Clamp Spare-FIX, GRIP, Lasso & XC

Price: $8.06
10.14 CAD 6.96 EUR 10.66 AUD
Toko Stopper Bands-1 Pair

Price: $2.49
3.13 CAD 2.15 EUR 3.29 AUD
Tools4Boards Retract Safety Brake Retainer-1 pr
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Price: $5.49
6.91 CAD 4.75 EUR 7.26 AUD
Tools4Boards FIX Symmetric Ski Vise System
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20% Off Sale item!

List Price: $219.00

You save $48.90
Price: $170.10
214.05 CAD 147.03 EUR 225.01 AUD
Tools4Boards Ski & Snowboard Tuning Vise
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Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!

Price: $79.00
99.41 CAD 68.29 EUR 104.50 AUD
Tools4Boards GRIP Symmetric Snowboard Vise
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List Price: $210.40

You save $51.04
Price: $159.36
200.54 CAD 137.75 EUR 210.80 AUD

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