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Product ID: TL7079
VAR-CL-09900-07/40-Torx L-Wrench Set (7)
Set of 7 Torx wrenches - T7 / T10 / T15 / T20 / T25 / T30 / T40 wrenches - magnetized tips - dual density handle for excellent comfort - hardened industrial quality chrome vanadium steel
List Price: $78.99
Price: $69.48
84.70 CAD 64.25 EUR 88.93 AUD
Product ID: TL7078
VAR-CL-09800-02/08-Hex Ball-End L-Wrench Set (7)
Set of 7 hex ball-end wrenches - shop quality wrenches of 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 and 8mm - magnetic tips for keeping track of hex screws - comfortable dual density molded handle - hardened industrial quality chrome vanadium steel
List Price: $70.99
Price: $62.26
75.90 CAD 57.57 EUR 79.70 AUD
Product ID: PA-SB1200
Ski Mender Spring Balancer
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Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Spring balancers are used when you need to support the weight of tools etc from an overhead rail or ceiling above a workbench. Supports the following weights: 0-1.2kg (0-3lbs).
Price: $49.99
60.94 CAD 46.23 EUR 63.99 AUD
Product ID: SVCMJ
SVST Custom Insert Mounting & Drilling Jig-5/16"
A must have tool for all backshops & DIYer for hand drill binding mounts.  Designed for 5/16"/8mm diameter stepped drill bits; typical alpine screws, ss threaded inserts & heli-coils.
Price: $41.95
51.14 CAD 38.79 EUR 53.70 AUD
Product ID: SVTAP
Ski or Snowboard Tap & T-Handle Wrench
These taps are made in the USA to SVST's rigid specifications. They work great and last a long time. They are made from the finest steel for extra long life. Taps fit in 5/32" to 1/4" T-Handle holders. Select 'Alpine' to fit the stand...
Tap & T-Handle Wrench-Screw: Alpine Tap & Wrench
Snowboard Tap & Wrench
Alpine Tap only
Snowboard Tap 6mm x 1mm 4 Flute
T-Handle Wrench-Small
List Price: $36.79
Price: $28.99
35.34 CAD 26.81 EUR 37.11 AUD
Product ID: STD1000DGNP
Big Gator Tools V-Drill Guide-Standard
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It's like a portable drill press for precision alignment! V-groove along the bottom of the guide allows for perpendicular alignment with all drill sizes on round parts and corners. Bottom surface is precision ground to assure stability and a...
Price: $28.49
34.73 CAD 26.34 EUR 36.47 AUD
Product ID: WH31320
Professional Ergo Cushion Grip Pozi Screwdriver #3
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150mm Shaft and 274mm overall Ergonomic molded on Sanaprene® Cushion Grip handle Round blades of Wiha CRM-72 tool steel Through hardened for maximum durability Precision machined exact fit Pozi Driv tips Hard chrome...
Price: $24.98
30.45 CAD 23.10 EUR 31.97 AUD
Product ID: STI-UNF200SNP
Big Gator Tools STI-UNF V-TapGuide-ANSI Fine Thread
Standard STI-UNF V-TapGuide for ground hand tap sizes (united fine threads: 5/8-18, 9/16-18,1/2-20, 7/16-20, 3/8-24, 5/16-24, 1/4-28, 10-32, 8-36) Made in USA
List Price: $25.50
Price: $24.95
30.42 CAD 23.07 EUR 31.94 AUD
Product ID: NP-6
ParkTool-NP-6-Needle Nose Pliers
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Professional quality 6” needle nose pliers with five different crimping/grasping areas and a cutting blade.   Forged, heat-treated cro-moly steel with an invisible spring and soft touch dual density grips. 
List Price: $26.95
Price: $24.26
29.58 CAD 22.43 EUR 31.05 AUD
Product ID: TL7118
VAR-DV-56500-Slip Joint Pliers
Twin slip-joint multigrip pliers - inter-slotted jaws for increased stiffness - 7 settings - 240mm length, maximum opening of 32mm - anti-slip grips - hardened chrome-vanadium steel
List Price: $26.99
Price: $22.82
27.82 CAD 21.11 EUR 29.21 AUD
Product ID: MA0003
Briko-Maplus Cotton Apron
Briko-Maplus high quality cotton ski and snowboard tuning apron for the "profi ski man". Like the bib you used as a baby, only bigger. One size fits all. • High quality cotton ski and snowboard tuning apron for the "profi ski man&...
Price: $19.82
24.16 CAD 18.33 EUR 25.37 AUD
Product ID: WH38800
T-Handle Magnetic Bit Holder-1/4" Hex Driver -150mm
1/4" Magnetic Bit Holder, T- grip with 5.9" Blade Ergo Comfort T-Handle shape. Delivers maximum torque. Rugged Tool Steel shaft.
Price: $18.98
23.14 CAD 17.55 EUR 24.29 AUD
Product ID: SVATC
Alpine Tap Collar
Here is a tap collar that will allow you to control the depth of your tap. No more over tapping or breaking taps. Collar also fits in all alpine mounting jigs.
Price: $18.95
23.10 CAD 17.52 EUR 24.26 AUD
Stainless Steel Insert or Heli-Coil Tap & T-Handle Wrench
Ski and Snowboard inserts and heli-coils require larger holes, taps & handles than alpine and snowboard screws. Quiver Killer & Binding Freedom stainless steel threaded inserts, alpine heli-coils and snowboard heli-coils each require a ...
Tap & T-Handle Holder-Inserts: SS Insert Tap & T-Handle
SS Insert Tap Only
Alpine Ski Heli-Coil Insert Tap & T-Handle
Alpine Ski Heli-Coil Insert Tap Only
Heli-Coil/Insert Tap Handle Only
Heli-Coil Tap Only
List Price: $19.99
Price: $17.89
21.81 CAD 16.54 EUR 22.90 AUD
Product ID: WH48401
No Roll Soft Grip Ergo Handle Magnetic Bit Holder-1/4" Hex Driver -150mm
1/4" Magnetic Bit Holder, T- grip with 5.9" Blade Ergo Comfort T-Handle shape. Delivers maximum torque. Rugged Tool Steel shaft.
Price: $17.48
21.31 CAD 16.16 EUR 22.37 AUD
Product ID: SVSD
Alpine Binding Mounting Drill Bits
Durable and long lasting, conventional and long shank, Shop quality 5/16" stepped alpine ski drills are available in the following sizes. All fit 5/16 SVST Mounting Jig, Jigarex Binding Mounting Jigs and Big Gator drill guides
Drill Bit Tip Size: 3.5mm x 7.5mm
3.5mm x 9.5mm
3.5mm X 9.5mm-Long Shank
3.5mm x 14mm Nordic
4.1mm x 7.5mm
4.1mm x 9.5mm
4.1mm X 9.5mm-Long Shank
1/4" (6.4mm) x 9mm SS Insert or Heli-Coil
List Price: $19.89
Price: $16.99
20.71 CAD 15.71 EUR 21.75 AUD
Product ID: K549W
KUU-3-Way Clamps 3"
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Every shop needs C-clamps for a variety of clamping tasks including delams and base patches. They also can be used for securing jigs. These 3-way clamps are great for sidewall or edge repairs.
List Price: $18.30
Price: $16.47
20.08 CAD 15.23 EUR 21.08 AUD
Product ID: WH45235
No Roll Soft Grip Ergo Handle Pozi Screwdriver #3
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150mm Shaft and 274mm overall Dual material handle has Molded in Soft Grip Panels Round blades made of Wiha exclusive CVM tool steel Super through hardened durability Precision machined exact fit Black tips 3K Maximum c...
Price: $15.98
19.48 CAD 14.78 EUR 20.45 AUD
Product ID: SVAPCP
SVST Alpine Center Punch
Alpine Center Punch Machined to fit perfectly in all Alpine mounting Jigs.
Price: $14.95
18.23 CAD 13.82 EUR 19.14 AUD
Product ID: TL7117
VAR-DV-56400-Universal Pliers
Universal pliers - hardened high carbon steel for excellent durability - chrome plated - ergonomic and comfortable handles
List Price: $16.99
Price: $14.13
17.23 CAD 13.07 EUR 18.09 AUD

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