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Product ID: SVBT2KIT
SVST Base Repair Kit 2-Fat Skis And Snowboards
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A newly designed template features two profiles four inches long. This temp will allow you to do base patches in the center of either skis or snowboards. The optional template clamping bars provide a secure clamping method on fat skis and snowboards....
Price: $53.95
67.31 CAD 49.52 EUR 70.64 AUD
Product ID: BMW0810
Briko-Maplus Performance Hydrocarbon (Paraffin) Wax-BP1 Green-250gr
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
Fine Snow-Humidty <40%-Temp Range: -30° to -10°C (-22° to 14°F). Also an excellent option for filling in small base gouges and scratches.
List Price: $36.50
Price: $32.85
40.98 CAD 30.15 EUR 43.01 AUD
Product ID: BMW0750
Briko-Maplus Fluorclean Spray
If using FP4 perfluorinated wax, the skis must first be cleaned using FLUORCLEAN and then cleaned with CLEAN.
List Price: $27.30
Price: $24.57
30.65 CAD 22.55 EUR 32.17 AUD
Product ID: SKV-sharpener
Skivisions Steel Blade Sharpening Stone
Sharpening the steel blade is done just like the Ruby Stone blades, except you use our sharpening stone instead of a diamond file,  under running water, and you sharpen all four sides until the blade's sharpness is restored.  It can be shar...
Price: $17.49
21.82 CAD 16.05 EUR 22.90 AUD
Product ID: BMW0800
Briko-Maplus Performance Hydrocarbon (Paraffin) Wax-BP1 Green-10|8010gr
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
Fine Snow-Humidty <40%-Temp Range: -30° to -10°C (-22° to 14°F). Also an excellent option for very durable base protection and filling in small base gouges and scratches.
List Price: $18.50
Price: $16.65
20.77 CAD 15.28 EUR 21.80 AUD
Product ID: SVFIB6
SVST-Lint-Free Fiberlene-6"/150mm
Leaves bases lint free. Excellent for removing dirt and old wax after using wax remover to clean the base or absorbing wax and dirt in base when placed between iron and base. Anti-static for cold/dry conditions and final polishing after brushing. 25 ...
Price: $13.99
17.45 CAD 12.84 EUR 18.32 AUD
Product ID: BMW0755
Briko-Maplus Clean Spray
After gliding on dirty snows, traveling and the ski and snowboard base and edge grinding, it is necessary to remove the traces of dirt left from the processing and residues of the emulsion used in grinding machines.
List Price: $13.65
Price: $12.29
15.33 CAD 11.28 EUR 16.09 AUD
Product ID: SVD2T
Devcon 2-Ton Clear Epoxy
Devcon 2-Ton Clear Epoxy in the 2 in 1 dispenser that measures and dispenses precise amount automatically. Good for flexible repairs like de-lams, base & edge repairs. A high strength, clear liquid epoxy.
Price: $10.45
13.04 CAD 9.59 EUR 13.68 AUD
Product ID: K627W11
KUU Roto Texpad
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
TEXPAD (used on K627W9) - use prior to waxing, removing base hairies after structuring fast and prep for base repairs.
List Price: $10.10
Price: $9.69
12.09 CAD 8.89 EUR 12.69 AUD
Product ID: SVAOBC
SVST Agent Orange Citrus Base Cleaner-8oz/236ml
100% biodegradable, this base cleaner dissolves wax with out leaving residue on the ski base surface. "AGENT ORANGE" is also 100% citrus extract, with emulsifiers added so it can be diluted with water for more economical use. You cannot buy...
List Price: $9.29
Price: $8.89
11.09 CAD 8.16 EUR 11.64 AUD
Product ID: SVSEMI
Solid Edge Material-1 Ft.
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Don't throw out a pair of skis just for a blown edge, fix it with SVST 's premium high grade edge material and specially made screws.  For best results use SVST Base Repair Template to cut away the base material from around the damaged edge.&nbs...
Price: $6.95
8.67 CAD 6.38 EUR 9.10 AUD
Product ID: KW105
Sintered Base Repair Material Sheet-3 3/8" x 12" (85mm x 305mm)
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Base patch material sheets for large base repairs. Cut to fit area and glue to repair your bases like new. 3 3/8" x 12" (85mm x 305mm x 1.3mm thick) sheet. For best results use the Hysol General Purpose or Devcon 2-ton Epoxies with the patc...
Material Color: Black
Price: $5.99
7.47 CAD 5.50 EUR 7.84 AUD
Premium Silicon Carbide Wet/Dry Paper(Black)-60 grit 3-sheets
Excellent for redressing all SkiVisions (except Green Stones) and other Aluminum Oxide stones, along with clean base re-structuring after minor repairs. For stone maintenance tips, click here. (3) 9" x 11" sheets
Price: $5.49
6.85 CAD 5.04 EUR 7.19 AUD
Product ID: T4BBR001
Tools4Boards Retract Safety Brake Retainer-1 pr
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Achieve a quick and secure grasp on your ski brakes. Hook over one brake arm, pull and hook the other arm and get to work.
Price: $5.49
6.85 CAD 5.04 EUR 7.19 AUD
Product ID: SVES25
Edge Screws-25 pk
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These small screws (2.1mm long) come in packs of 25 and are built specifically for repairing blown edges, they fit perfectly with the edge material available separately.
Price: $4.59
5.73 CAD 4.21 EUR 6.01 AUD
Product ID: SVDCPB
Die Cut Patches
Pre die-punched patches made to match the SVBRT base repair template (sold separately). These patches make large base patches easy. For best results use the Hysol General Purpose Devcon 2-ton Epoxies with the patches.
Material Color: Black
Price: $3.99
4.98 CAD 3.66 EUR 5.22 AUD
Product ID: LK20902M
Metal Grip Wire-Per Meter
Gouges and holes near edges and to the core require better bonding with heat actuated adhesives found in high quality metal grip due to their different material types (metals, wood, fiberglass, composite, etc) than UHMW (scintered) base material of p...
Metal Grip Color: Black
List Price: $4.49
Price: $2.89
3.61 CAD 2.65 EUR 3.78 AUD
Product ID: PT001
P-Tex Repair Candles
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Highest grade, lowest cost p-tex candles for filling dings, gouges, and scratches in ski and snowboard bases. The repair candles can be used by heating up one end with and applying molten adhesive directly to the damaged area.
Price: $2.89
3.61 CAD 2.65 EUR 3.78 AUD
Product ID: SW04007
Hardman Epoxy-Orange-Very High Peel Strength Epoxy Adhesive
Flexible, tough and Durable. Excellent general purpose adhesive that bonds to most anything. Great work ski and snowboard repairs and insert installations. Long work life. Packaged in 1 oz. foil packs. (Ground ship only)
Price: $2.29
2.86 CAD 2.10 EUR 3.00 AUD
Product ID: SVNHP
Nylon Abrasive Hand Pads
Made in Italy, these pads compare or exceed any nylon pad on the market. Available in (3) grits: general purpose medium (maroon) very fine (gray) non-abrasive (white) 6" x 9"/150mm x 230mm Uses: Excellent fo...
List Price: $2.09
Price: $1.95
2.43 CAD 1.79 EUR 2.55 AUD

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