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Product ID: PRS-4-OS-2
ParkTool-PRS-4 OS-2-Deluxe Oversize Bench Mount Repair Stand with 100-3D clamp
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!
Uses 100-3C, 100-3D, or 100-4X clamps. The clamp rotates 360 degrees, allowing the bike to be positioned at any angle. Mounts easily to any flat surface. Mounting plate is 4 inches by 4 inches square.
List Price: $269.95
Price: $242.96
263.47 CAD 184.36 EUR 259.58 AUD
Product ID: T4BTK008
Tools4Boards Superstation Snowboard Tuning & Waxing Kit
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
The Tools4Boards SuperStation USA/Canada Snowboard Tune Kit includes all the necessities for complete snowboard edge and base maintenance.
Price: $129.00
139.89 CAD 97.89 EUR 137.82 AUD
Product ID: T0103X100B
Swix Stainless Steel World Cup Racing Pro File-Fine  17tpcm
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!
17 Tpi. World Cup Racing Pro file. Stainless steel. Extremely sharp fine high quality file for edge geometry set up. New generation of files that lasts 10 times as long as regular files.
List Price: $100.00
Price: $90.00
97.60 CAD 68.29 EUR 96.16 AUD
Product ID: P2000
SVST Pro Wax Iron-120V-800W
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
Featuring a dimpled, non-stick base plate with beveled edgess provides consistent waxing temperature, the new SVST waxing iron will give you years of reliability. 2.5M/8ft power cord.
List Price: $79.00
Price: $74.99
81.32 CAD 56.90 EUR 80.12 AUD
Product ID: SVBT2KIT
SVST Base Repair Kit 2-Fat Skis And Snowboards
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A newly designed template features two profiles four inches long. This temp will allow you to do base patches in the center of either skis or snowboards. The optional template clamping bars provide a secure clamping method on fat skis and snowboards....
Price: $53.95
58.50 CAD 40.94 EUR 57.64 AUD
Product ID: MB0004
Briko-Maplus Back-Pack
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Compartments for all tuning equipment needed on hill by the most discriminating ski technician, Also useful for multiple activities.
Price: $49.99
54.21 CAD 37.93 EUR 53.41 AUD
Product ID: SM03071
SkiMan Adjustable Base Bevel Tool - 0.5 to 1.50 deg
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!
Aluminum body. Fits all lengths files and stones to a maximum 26mm wide and 6mm thick. Excellent tool for acurate base beveling. Infinite adjustment between .5 and 1.5 degrees.
List Price: $50.48
Price: $46.99
50.96 CAD 35.66 EUR 50.20 AUD
Product ID: K627W7
KUU-Natural Roto Cork
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
Natural Cork - applying Fluoro cake Powder Fluoro & Fluoro waxes. Also useful to generate friction heat for a bump in durability for rub-on, liquid and spray waxes.
List Price: $51.00
Price: $45.90
49.77 CAD 34.83 EUR 49.04 AUD
Product ID: K154C
KUU Beveling Guide w/Clamp 4/86 Deg
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Beveling Guide 4/86° with clamp - for Side Edge
List Price: $45.20
Price: $32.49
35.23 CAD 24.65 EUR 34.71 AUD
Product ID: K536W
KUU-Pro Rectangular 6"/150mm True bar
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
A milled knife edge true bar for the precision minded tuner measures: 6 1/16" x  1" x 1/8" thick (153mm x 25mm x 4mm)
List Price: $35.90
Price: $32.10
34.81 CAD 24.36 EUR 34.30 AUD
Product ID: BMW0871
Briko-Maplus Solid Racing Base-Soft Saturation Wax-250 gr
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
Snow temperature -5 to 0 degrees C (23 to 32 degrees F) and above. 250 grams. Soft paraffin, 250 grams. Ideal as initial base prep wax when snow temperature is warm or as a travel wax to protect the base when in transit.
List Price: $31.14
Price: $28.79
31.22 CAD 21.85 EUR 30.76 AUD
Product ID: K640W
KUU Oval Nylon Brush Hard (8" x 3 .5"" ) With Adjustable Hand Strap."
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
HAND BRUSH - OVAL - NYLON w/ ADJUSTABLE STRAP easy to use, larger sized brush, with adjustable hand strap that is great for all!
List Price: $29.50
Price: $26.55
28.79 CAD 20.15 EUR 28.37 AUD
Slidewright-Waxing Nylon & Horse Hair Brush Combo
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
A nice laser cut Maple, all purpose, brass, horse hair and nylon brush set at a great price.
List Price: $29.99
Price: $24.99
27.10 CAD 18.96 EUR 26.70 AUD
Product ID: MW0KF22
Briko-Maplus Fluoro Klister Yellow KF22-60 grams
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
Nordic Yellow Universal Fluoro Klister (0 to +5 degrees C), 60 grams. Ideal when snow temperature is within this range and there is high air humidity ie. over 50%.
List Price: $28.60
Price: $23.17
25.12 CAD 17.58 EUR 24.75 AUD
Product ID: K582W
KUU Team Tools 8" Chrome File-17tpcm-NEW
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
No tang high quality Team chrome File 8" (200mm) 17tpcm
List Price: $23.90
Price: $21.51
23.33 CAD 16.32 EUR 22.98 AUD
Product ID: K581W
KUU Team Tools 6" Chrome File-15tpcm-NEW
Discounts Apply !
10% Off Sale Item!
No tang high quality Team chrome File 6" (150mm) 15tpcm
List Price: $17.40
Price: $15.66
16.98 CAD 11.88 EUR 16.73 AUD
Product ID: K208C
KUU White Lightning Fluoro Paste w/Sponge Applicator
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
 WHITE LIGHTNING - Fluoro PASTE Alpine - 80g Rub On & Go. Excellent for alpine skis, snowboards, 'no-wax' XC and skate skis
List Price: $16.80
Price: $15.33
16.62 CAD 11.63 EUR 16.38 AUD
Product ID: BMW0170
Briko-Maplus Universal Fluoro Liquid Ski & Snowboard Wax-75 ml
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
All temperature (-15 to 0°C) low fluoro paraffin liquid glide wax with sponge applicator, 75ml -Ideal for training and leisure in all conditions -Easy one step application, apply and go!
List Price: $15.17
Price: $13.66
14.81 CAD 10.37 EUR 14.59 AUD
Product ID: MW0K80
Briko-Maplus Klister Blue Universal K80-60 grams
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
Nordic Blue Universal Klister (-6 to +6 degrees C), 60 grams
List Price: $14.30
Price: $11.58
12.56 CAD 8.79 EUR 12.38 AUD
Product ID: KW141-003
Kwik 4" Scratch Awl
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!
High quality awl, set into comfortable wood handle provides maximum control and durability. Blade runs through handle and is attached to steel ferrule and cap.
List Price: $11.89
Price: $9.99
10.83 CAD 7.58 EUR 10.67 AUD

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