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Product ID: T0103XF100B
Swix Stainless Steel Racing File Xtra Fine 22TPI-100mm
Discounts Apply !
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(Description forthcoming.)
List Price: $100.00
Price: $90.00
99.77 CAD 69.71 EUR 99.76 AUD
Product ID: BMW0876
Briko-Maplus Solid Racing Base-Soft Saturation Wax-1 kg
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Snow temperature -5 to 0 degrees C (23 to 32 degrees F) and above. 1 kilogram. Soft paraffin, 250 grams. Ideal as initial base prep wax when snow temperature is warm or as a travel wax to protect the base when in transit.
List Price: $119.46
Price: $89.59
99.32 CAD 69.39 EUR 99.30 AUD
Product ID: T4BS2011
Tools4Boards CordLoc Ski Vise
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
New and improved for 2013 the lightweight, compact, no frills CordLoc Alpine, Telemark  and BC ski and snowboard splitboard bindings. It features the new and more robust clamps and lasso clamp (not shown).
Price: $89.00
98.67 CAD 68.93 EUR 98.65 AUD
Product ID: 5549840
Toko Precision Base File Control 0.5 Degree
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Precision base (hanging) edge tuning tool. Spans from edge to edge for precise beveling.
List Price: $80.00
Price: $72.00
79.82 CAD 55.76 EUR 79.80 AUD
Product ID: BTR-1
ParkTool-BTR-1-Tool Roll
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Ride saving essentials in a tight tool roll, perfect for just about any rider. The BTR-1 features the essential tools needed to fix a flat and make trail or roadside adjustments - all wrapped in a well-organized, protective tool roll. Just the r...
List Price: $59.49
Price: $53.54
59.35 CAD 41.47 EUR 59.34 AUD
Product ID: PA-SB1200
Ski Mender Spring Balancer
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Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Spring balancers are used when you need to support the weight of tools etc from an overhead rail or ceiling above a workbench. Supports the following weights: 0-1.2kg (0-3lbs).
Price: $49.99
55.42 CAD 38.72 EUR 55.41 AUD
Product ID: PH-T1
ParkTool-PH-T1-P-Handled Star Shaped Wrench Set of 8
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
A set of professional quality, star-shaped wrenches to fit Torx®-style fasteners. Includes T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 and T40 sizes.
List Price: $51.95
Price: $46.76
51.84 CAD 36.22 EUR 51.83 AUD
Product ID: TK4120003901860
Toko Side Edge File Guide 86
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $48.00
Price: $43.20
47.89 CAD 33.46 EUR 47.88 AUD
Product ID: 5540963
Toko Structurite Nordic Base Structuring Roller-Blue (Fine) Roller
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Linear structure for cold conditions, as well as coarse and artificial snow.
List Price: $45.00
Price: $40.50
44.90 CAD 31.37 EUR 44.89 AUD
Product ID: SBS-1
ParkTool-SBS-1-Socket & Bit Set
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
The SBS-1 is a shop quality set of sockets, hex bits and Torx® style bits for the bike mechanic. Ideal for use with Park Tool Torque Wrenches, the SBS-1’s 3/8” drive bits and sockets are made from tough, chrome vanadium steel for ...
List Price: $39.95
Price: $35.96
39.87 CAD 27.85 EUR 39.86 AUD
Product ID: BMW0715
Briko-Maplus-Universal Wax-Liquid-1 Liter
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Ski and Snowboard Universal 1 Liter Liquid Paraffin Wax for all snow conditions. High quality hard paraffin that is easy to apply and economical for use in shops. Apply using large or small pump sprayer, sponge applicator or paint brush and cork.
List Price: $39.13
Price: $35.22
39.04 CAD 27.28 EUR 39.03 AUD
Product ID: 5549834
Toko Ergo Race 4/86° , 3/87° , 2/88° , 1/89° ,Side, .5/1° , Base
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Ergonomically shaped device for side edge preparation, with angles from 89° to 86° and the possibility of coating-side edge preparation (hanging 0.5° and 1°). Two work steps with a single device. Easy to use, including 80 mm World Cup...
List Price: $38.00
Price: $34.20
37.91 CAD 26.49 EUR 37.91 AUD
Product ID: K15-C
KUU Beveling Guide w/ Stainless Steel Plate & Clamp 0/90 thru 4/96 Deg
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Beveling Guides 0/90º thru 4/96° with clamp - for Side Edge. There are different colors for different angles.
Side Edge: 0/90-Gold
List Price: $45.20
Price: $32.49
36.02 CAD 25.16 EUR 36.01 AUD
Product ID: T0066
Swix Blowtorch Waxing iron
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
To be heated with blowtorch. Used for smoothing out klister or hardwaxes when working outside at race cite.
List Price: $30.00
Price: $27.00
29.93 CAD 20.91 EUR 29.93 AUD
Product ID: PW-3
ParkTool-PW-3-Pedal Wrench:  15mm and 9/16"
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Made from Cro-Moly steel for a shop quality pedal wrench made to last. 15mm and 9/16” precision openings and a long, round, vinyl dipped handle that won’t dig into your hand like flat pedal wrenches.
List Price: $27.95
Price: $25.16
27.89 CAD 19.49 EUR 27.89 AUD
Product ID: TK402000270
Toko Nordlite X-Cold Powder
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
High-quality HydroCarbon wax in powder form for use in very cold, dry snow conditions. With Nordite Powder, each wax becomes harder and more friction resistant. Easy to iron in thanks to powder form. For all disciplines.
List Price: $30.00
Price: $24.30
26.94 CAD 18.82 EUR 26.93 AUD
Product ID: SVDD93
SVST Double Duty Side Edge Beveler-3°/93°
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Side Edge Tool Mold injected from tough ABS plastic. 3/93 degree angle. A unique new design, holding both file and stone.
Price: $24.00
26.61 CAD 18.59 EUR 26.60 AUD
Product ID: NP-6
ParkTool-NP-6-Needle Nose Pliers
Discounts Apply !
50% Off Sale Item!
Professional quality 6” needle nose pliers with five different crimping/grasping areas and a cutting blade.   Forged, heat-treated cro-moly steel with an invisible spring and soft touch dual density grips. 
List Price: $25.95
Price: $23.36
25.90 CAD 18.09 EUR 25.89 AUD
SVST Brewski Opener
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Every tuner needs to stay hydrated to keep their energy up while banging out tuning, waxing and base work. Plus you need this fine tool to open your favorite beverages delivered by those needing your special touch on their boards. Possibly, the m...
Price: $22.00
24.39 CAD 17.04 EUR 24.38 AUD
Product ID: 5560018
Toko Side Edge Angle Pro 86 Degree
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
Negative side-edge angle for professional edge tuning. The Teflon-coated tool used by alpine World Cup pros.
List Price: $38.00
Price: $21.99
24.38 CAD 17.03 EUR 24.37 AUD

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