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Various adhesives are needed periodically to facilitate edge and base repairs, seal binding holes and other tasks. Click here for SVST's Epoxy Chart.

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Product ID: SVD2T
Devcon 2-Ton Clear Epoxy
Devcon 2-Ton Clear Epoxy in the 2 in 1 dispenser that measures and dispenses precise amount automatically. Good for flexible repairs like de-lams, base & edge repairs. A high strength, clear liquid epoxy.
Price: $10.45
13.02 CAD 9.62 EUR 13.55 AUD
Product ID: SVBGPT
SVST Binding & Hole Plug Glue & Sealant
Specially formulated for mounting bindings to skis. Forms a water proof seal between mounting screw and ski. Prevents screws from loosening up. Adheres to both wood and metal. Safe to use on wood or foam core skis. Available in 2 and 4 oz sizes.
SVST Glue Bottle Sizes: 2 oz
4 oz
Price: $4.49
5.59 CAD 4.13 EUR 5.82 AUD
Product ID: SVES12
12cc Syringe
These 12cc syringes work great for injecting epoxy into small cracks and holes.
Price: $3.29
4.10 CAD 3.03 EUR 4.27 AUD
Product ID: SW04030
Hardman Silcone Versatile Adhesive/Sealant
Fast-set, non-sag. For sealaing binding holes, form-in-place gaskets and general use. Excellent temperature, moisture, vibration and ozone resistance. For metal, glass, wood, ceramic and many plastics. Tack free in 10-20 minutes. Full cure in 24 ho...
Price: $2.69
3.35 CAD 2.48 EUR 3.49 AUD
Product ID: SVA85
Hardman-Flexible Urethane-Low Temperature
Fast setting: 5-8 min set time, 45 minute cure with high peel strength. Mixing stick are included. Will not shrink and and contains no solvents: Black in color. Bonds well with metals, rubber, plastic and most flexible material. Good...
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SVD
Hardman-Flexible Urethanes-D50 Or D85
Extra fast setting: 3-5 min set time, 1 hr cure. Mixing stick are included. Will not shrink and and contains no solvents D50 semi flexible high peel and lap sheer strength: Beige in color. Bonds to rubber and plastic. Ski and snowbo...
Urethane: D50 semi-flexible
D85 semi-rigid
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SVHE
Hardman Epoxy-Fast Set
A fast setting, two-part epoxy packaged in a disposable 1 oz. foil packet. Sets up in just 5 minutes, with a full cure in 15 to 20 minutes. Just the trick for yanked snowboard screws, or other quick repairs: Excellent for wood, glass, metal, ...
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SVHME
Hardman Epoxy-Machinable
For redrills, remounts, can be drilled, machined, sanded and tapped. This epoxy is not only very strong and durable - it can also, when fully cured, be drilled and tapped. Perfect for repairing stripped-out binding holes. It is metal gray in c...
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SW04007
Hardman Epoxy-Orange-Very High Peel Strength Epoxy Adhesive
Flexible, tough and Durable. Excellent general purpose adhesive that bonds to most anything. Great work ski and snowboard repairs and insert installations. Long work life. Packaged in 1 oz. foil packs. (Ground ship only)
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SW7895
Hardman Epoxy-Blue-General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive
The Hardman 04005 EPOWELD® 7895 A/7776 B is a general purpose epoxy adhesive with a long work-life ideal for bonding wood, metal, ceramics, concrete, rubber and plastics. Typical uses include repairing of tools, furniture and sports equipment....
Price: $2.29
2.85 CAD 2.11 EUR 2.97 AUD
Product ID: SVMC5
Calibrated 30cc Mixing Cups Set of 5
A convenient cup for measuring, mixing, pigmenting and applying epoxies. Also useful for mini containers for small items like scres and inserts while you work.
Price: $1.49
1.86 CAD 1.37 EUR 1.93 AUD
Product ID: SVEB1
Metal Epoxy Brush
Epoxy mixing and application brush.
Price: $0.89
1.11 CAD 0.82 EUR 1.15 AUD
Product ID: MS10PK
Wooden Mixing Sticks-10pk
Wooden Mixing Sticks 10pk.  Great for mixing epoxies and then spreading where needed. Also useful for spreading grease and marking snow layers.
Price: $0.49
0.61 CAD 0.45 EUR 0.64 AUD
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