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Product ID: SVHHCS
Hand Held Countersink
Hand Held Countersink A quick and easy way to chamfer mounting screw holes. This technique will prevent the topsheet from lifting up during screw installation. 3 Different Sizes.
Price: $13.95
17.02 CAD 12.50 EUR 17.70 AUD
Product ID: SW010944
Travel Kit
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!
New! The vinyl travel kits with black trim are offered. These travel kits could be perfect for containing shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more. Whether you're looking for a travel kit or you need specific storage bottles, or backpacking, camping,...
Price: $11.99
14.63 CAD 10.74 EUR 15.21 AUD
Product ID: STW-A
Straight Tap Wrench-1/16" - 1/4"
For better accuracy, more force and quicker tapping and installations, a straight handle is a nice tool to have available. 7" long for  1/16" - 1/4"/#0-14/1-5mm taps and bits.
Price: $10.89
13.29 CAD 9.75 EUR 13.82 AUD
Product ID: AV26206
LumiLoupe Stand Magnifier 10x Magnification
Fixed focus magnifier with clear acrylic bases that permit ambient light to illuminate subject for clear bright viewing. Ideal for snow analysis, ski & snowboard base and edge inspections.
Price: $8.99
10.97 CAD 8.05 EUR 11.40 AUD
Product ID: SVLSV
Surform Shaver Versaplane-2 1/2"
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The perfect tool for removing excess base repair material. Can also be used for shaving off hole plugs. Grooved handle makes for easy handling. Comes with reversible "no clog" blade. The "Little Shaver" is easy to handle and perfo...
Price: $8.99
10.97 CAD 8.05 EUR 11.40 AUD
Product ID: HX250
Quick Change HSS Hex Bit-1/4"
Add the convenience of a quick change drill bit. Excellent for stainless steel inserts. Quick swaps when alternating between hex driver bits and drill jobs. Use with drill stop/collar.
Price: $7.95
9.70 CAD 7.12 EUR 10.09 AUD
Product ID: DBSC
Drill Bit & Tap Stop Collar and Hex Key
Drill Bit & Tap Stop Collar and Hex Key. 11/32" works for 5/16"/8mm Drill bits, stainless steel insert and heli coil taps.
Price: $5.99
7.31 CAD 5.37 EUR 7.60 AUD
Product ID: VTVC3TM
Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate Threadlocker
Previous1 of 3Next
Don't be caught out with your screws loose. Vibra-Tite VC-3 is excellent for stainless steel threaded inserts and screws, alpine screws and brass tap-ins & snowboard inserts. Won't harm plastic binding parts and is capable of multiple uses withou...
Price: $5.95
7.26 CAD 5.33 EUR 7.55 AUD
Product ID: Q035
Ancra Strap  1" x 6' - Blue
Price: $5.69
6.94 CAD 5.10 EUR 7.22 AUD
Premium Silicon Carbide Wet/Dry Paper(Black)-60 grit 3-sheets
Excellent for redressing all SkiVisions (except Green Stones) and other Aluminum Oxide stones, along with clean base re-structuring after minor repairs. For stone maintenance tips, click here. (3) 9" x 11" sheets
Price: $5.49
6.70 CAD 4.92 EUR 6.96 AUD
Product ID: SVLSRB
Surform Shaver Replacement Blade-2 1/2"
Reversible "no clog" replacement blades for the Little Shaver. The perfect tool for removing excess base repair material. Can also be used for shaving off hole plugs.
Price: $4.99
6.09 CAD 4.47 EUR 6.33 AUD
Product ID: 696690
Ancra/Cam Spring Buckle-1"
Spring-loaded, 1" cam buckle (aka Ancra). Center mounted spring protects webbing from abrasion, enables harder, evenly distributed bite. Estimated strength 1,000 lbs.
Price: $4.60
5.61 CAD 4.12 EUR 5.84 AUD
Product ID: P170AC
Accessory Cord--5m (16 ft)
The classic, all purpose, 1/8” camp cord with a million or so uses. Minimum tensil strength of 550 lbs. These smaller cords can be used in a wide range of applications from tie-down straps to braided braclets and any other non-life-safety appli...
Price: $4.50
5.49 CAD 4.03 EUR 5.71 AUD
Product ID: SDB250
Straight Drill Bit-1/4"
A high speed bit for stainless steel inserts.  Use with drill stop/collar.
Price: $2.99
3.65 CAD 2.68 EUR 3.79 AUD
Product ID: SDB516
Straight Drill Bit-5/16"/8mm
A high speed bit for tap-in nylon and brass inserts. Use with drill stop/collar and guide or jig.
Price: $2.99
3.65 CAD 2.68 EUR 3.79 AUD
Product ID: SDB21
Straight Drill Bit-#21-0.159"-4.04mm-Cobalt
A utility bit good for pilot holes. Use with a stop collar and drill guide. 3 1/4" long.
Price: $2.69
3.28 CAD 2.41 EUR 3.41 AUD
Product ID: SW04030
Hardman Silcone Versatile Adhesive/Sealant
Fast-set, non-sag. For sealaing binding holes, form-in-place gaskets and general use. Excellent temperature, moisture, vibration and ozone resistance. For metal, glass, wood, ceramic and many plastics. Tack free in 10-20 minutes. Full cure in 24 ho...
Price: $2.69
3.28 CAD 2.41 EUR 3.41 AUD
Product ID: SVHE
Hardman Epoxy-Fast Set
A fast setting, two-part epoxy packaged in a disposable 1 oz. foil packet. Sets up in just 5 minutes, with a full cure in 15 to 20 minutes. Just the trick for yanked snowboard screws, or other quick repairs: Excellent for wood, glass, metal, ...
Price: $2.29
2.79 CAD 2.05 EUR 2.91 AUD
Product ID: SVHME
Hardman Epoxy-Machinable
For redrills, remounts, can be drilled, machined, sanded and tapped. This epoxy is not only very strong and durable - it can also, when fully cured, be drilled and tapped. Perfect for repairing stripped-out binding holes. It is metal gray in c...
Price: $2.29
2.79 CAD 2.05 EUR 2.91 AUD
Product ID: SW04007
Hardman Epoxy-Orange-Very High Peel Strength Epoxy Adhesive
Flexible, tough and Durable. Excellent general purpose adhesive that bonds to most anything. Great work ski and snowboard repairs and insert installations. Long work life. Packaged in 1 oz. foil packs. (Ground ship only)
Price: $2.29
2.79 CAD 2.05 EUR 2.91 AUD

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