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Product ID: SKV-flattener
Skivisions Ski Base Flattener & Structuring Tool
A ski base must be flat for optimum ski performance.  The SkiVisions Base Flattener is a powerful planing tool designed to quickly flatten and structure a ski base with a minimum of expertise, effort and potential for error. Included with the p...
Price: $69.99
87.32 CAD 64.24 EUR 91.64 AUD
Product ID: SKV-fileflat
Skivisions Ski File Base Flattener
Previous1 of 4Next
A powerful planing for flattening railed/edge high bases and finish base repairs. It is a different application from the steel blade in the Base Flattener, the steel blade is for fine flattening work, the File Base Flattener's purpose is to cut thro...
Price: $64.49
80.46 CAD 59.19 EUR 84.44 AUD
Skivisions Ski Sharp Edge Tuning Tool
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The Ski Sharp is a complex, multi-adjustable device, disguised as a simple, user friendly tool. Its purpose is to give superb edge tuning results without requiring sophisticated edge tuning knowledge or skills, the tool itself provides the sophistica...
Price: $57.49
71.72 CAD 52.76 EUR 75.28 AUD
Skivisions Steel Blade
The Ski Visions Base Flattener's blade can be re-sharpened an infinite number of times, but may need to be replaced on rare occasions. Because of the blade's sharp edges, on it's own it can be used to cut back side-walls ...
Price: $33.49
41.78 CAD 30.74 EUR 43.85 AUD
Product ID: SKV-diamond
Skivisions Ruby Stone Diamond File
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Re-sharpening the Ruby Stone Blades is very quick, very easy, but you need a good quality diamond file to do it properly. This is the SkiVisions diamond file.  It is a very coarse 100 grit file used to aggressively re-dress the Ski Sharp stone...
Price: $19.99
24.94 CAD 18.35 EUR 26.17 AUD
Product ID: SKV-RubyStone
Skivisions Ruby Stones-6" (150mm)
The Ski Visions Base Flattener and Structuring tool comes with a medium grit ruby stone for structuring. Replacement stones, medium or coarse grits are also available to help you dial in your base structure, depending on snow type, temperature and co...
Grit: -Medium
Price: $19.49
24.32 CAD 17.89 EUR 25.52 AUD
Product ID: SKV-crosscut
Skivisions Ski File Base Flattener Replacement File-8" 2nd Cross Cut
Previous1 of 4Next
8" 2nd cut crosscut file for nice finishing.  The File Base Flattener's purpose is to cut through concave metal and plastic quickly. Click here for instructions. The file works as a stand alone file for minor base repairs and re-structuring...
Price: $18.89
23.57 CAD 17.34 EUR 24.73 AUD
Product ID: SKV-sharpener
Skivisions Steel Blade Sharpening Stone
Sharpening the steel blade is done just like the Ruby Stone blades, except you use our sharpening stone instead of a diamond file,  under running water, and you sharpen all four sides until the blade's sharpness is restored.  It can be shar...
Price: $17.49
21.82 CAD 16.05 EUR 22.90 AUD
Product ID: SKV4stones
Skivisions 4" (100mm) Stones
SkiVisons SkiSharp stones now available in 4" (100mm) sizes for use in other edge guides. Also excellent for sharpening cutting tools such as knives, axes & shears.
SkiVision Stones: Ceramic-4"/100mm
Green-80 grit-4"/100mm
4"/100mm Set-Ceramic, Green & Tuning Stick Set
List Price: $17.99
Price: $15.49
19.33 CAD 14.22 EUR 20.28 AUD
Product ID: SKVCeramicStones
Skivisions Ceramic Stones
New ceramic stones. To polish and de-burr like no other stone available to ski tuners. They are truly unique in their function.
Price: $14.49
18.08 CAD 13.30 EUR 18.97 AUD
Product ID: SKVfiles
Skivisions Hard Chrome Replacement Files
Hard Chrome Laser Cut Files. Replacess the Ski Sharp hard chrome laser cut files that comes with the SkiSharp.
Price: $14.49
18.08 CAD 13.30 EUR 18.97 AUD
Product ID: SKVGreenStones
Skivisions Green Stones-80 grit
The green stones are aggressive silicon carbide stones that love to eat hard metal.THEY ARE NOT POLISHING STONES. They have very specific purposes.
Price: $12.99
16.21 CAD 11.92 EUR 17.01 AUD
Product ID: SKVpansar
Skivisions Pansar File

Price: $9.49
11.84 CAD 8.71 EUR 12.43 AUD
Product ID: SKV-tunestick
Ski Visions Tune Stick
"Read" the sharpness of your edges before, during and after performing edge sharpening and polishing tasks with Tuning Sticks.
Price: $5.89
7.35 CAD 5.41 EUR 7.71 AUD
Premium Silicon Carbide Wet/Dry Paper(Black)-60 grit 3-sheets
Excellent for redressing all SkiVisions (except Green Stones) and other Aluminum Oxide stones, along with clean base re-structuring after minor repairs. For stone maintenance tips, click here. (3) 9" x 11" sheets
Price: $5.49
6.85 CAD 5.04 EUR 7.19 AUD
Product ID: SKV-Ribbon
Base Repair Ribbon
Superior base welding/soldering material for quick and easy base repairs on skis and snowboards. Excellent on sintered bases. Additional supplies and for use with the Pro Fix Base Repair Kit or other appropriate soldering irons. Requires 500°F/26...
List Price: $1.89
Price: $1.59
1.98 CAD 1.46 EUR 2.08 AUD
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